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I got a short mail conversation with a user complaining the fact that the App Store in Snow Leopard shows the app as compatible, but it refuses to run. I can not select the compatibility inside the itunes connect portal. So i want to notify you in this way: The first version was not running on anything else than macOS Sierra. With the help of two users and parallels vm i was able to get the application compatible with Yosemite and El Capitan. Anyhow Snow Leopard is quite outdated and my CD's won't work under Parallels, since they do not allow virtualization of Snow Leopard and older.



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As far a I under stand it is up to you as the developer via LSMinimumSystemVersion in the App.


Currently "Kompatibilität: OS X 10.6.6 oder neuer" if the App doesn't run in this versions and you can't change it you should add this information to the description




Verwandeln Sie Ihren Mac in einen Fernseher! Diese App ermöglicht es mittels eines Sat>IP Servers (z.B. DVBViewer Recording Service oder Octopus NET), sowohl SD als auch HD Sender im Heimnetzwerk zu schauen. Ebenso ist die Wiedergabe von Internet Streams möglich.

or you should no be surprised to get rightful 1 star ratings.


Posting the warning here is no enough.

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As i said the options inside the Appstore by Apple are limited. It is a black box with a few inputs and some output.

The LSMinimumSystemVersion is not set by Rad Studio which might be a bug, especially since Embarcadero points the minimum requirement to Mavericks http://docwiki.embarcadero.com/RADStudio/Seattle/de/Plattformvoraussetzungen_für_FireMonkey#Mac_OS_X-Anforderungen.


Anyhow everyone should keep in mind that Snow Leopard is no longer supported by Apple since 2011.

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The problem is that here changes are not added in Release Mode. In the next days Tokyo will be release and even i'm in the inner circle of those who get the beta version i did not found time to test it till now. Anyhow i'm quite good in patching the result after compiling so i made a plist injection for the next release. In the meantime i try to get my Snow Leopard CD's somehow working in a VM in order to fix the issue. I can remember that this was because of the shaders used in the firemonkey skin and that i fixed this in the good old XE2 (the first RAD Studio with capability to compile for macOS) times. 

There is one thing people (also me, while complaining about the Microsoft updates) often forget. Microsoft is quite great in downward compatibility. If you stick to their API, your software most likely run even under Windows 2000. Something Apple never was able to...

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