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Subtitles on Swedish Viasat


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On 22.4.2017 at 10:16 PM, sweman said:

Is it possible to get Swedish subtitles on Viasat channels ?


We know nothing about these channels and we can't receive them, so we can only find out with your help.


On 22.4.2017 at 10:16 PM, sweman said:

I think it´s "teletext",but i am not sure.


Can you see teletext in the DVBViewer teletext window and can you select the subtitle page by number?

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3 minutes ago, retro said:

I'll answer for sweman:


Viasat use teletext subs, but the options for text-tv and subtitles are greyed out. 


What equipment do You use to get Viasat on DVBViewer ?

I have a Viasat genuin CI and o valid card with subscription but it won't work with DVBViewer (works with my Samsung TV though).

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Sorry, teletext in English.



You should give some examples and/or find out which ttxt pages are used. All Viasat services are scrambled so I can only check some samples with Transedit. Btw. there are DVB subtitles as well.

4,9E, 12437V, SVT 1 HD





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