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Future prospects for 2005

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@TNT: Use the Europe.ini.


Bye, Oliver

Hi Oliver, thanks for your advice, seems I am completely stupid but HOW do I "use Europe.ini"?

Finally I have found some time now to play around with the new release and am blocked here - whatever I do, the "Root: Terrestrial (EUR)" does not appear in the channellist so scanning of satellites would not help too much with the AirStar2. Certainly I can import them since I have them saved from the 2.3 beta but I would prefer if the 3.0 is also working. So far it seems it is all fancy and polished on the outside for a nice look but the basics are somewhat missing... :o

Or is the new version of DVBV meant for SkyStar2 only???


Hi there, could anyone please answer my question? So far no success, I have tried everything and the "Root: Terrestrial (EUR)" does not appear in the Channellist so I have nothing to scan... :bounce:

Thank you!

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hmm, :bounce: this might be eventually caused by the version you are using. Try to redownload the version - the one i uploaded on tuesday last week had several small bugs which where fixed on wednesday.



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Thanks a lot Christian, that's funny - did you actually upload three versions of 3.0 already? Because I have one of 4 776 853 bytes (the very first one), then I have one of 5 763 006 bytes (downloaded on 16/02 at 15:43) and now I downloaded another one of 5 744 050 bytes AND HURRRRAAAHHH, THIS ONE ROCKS!!!

Thanks a lot, I have thought I had the latest one but did not apparently... :bounce:

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