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can't find any dvb-c programs on astrometa

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I have: Win 10 64 bit after last update Windows 10 Creators Update http://www.DVBViewer.com stopped to show any programs (dvb-c) (elier worked fine).
and still can't find any programs :(
Where is the problem ?


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Are you sure? Creators Update has blocked many previously functional programs, but in this case, it is probably wrong...
According to my experience, DVBViewer detects the Astrometa usb stick only as a DVB-T/T2 receiver (or I can not). The driver of this patch is written in a strange way, the cable driver and the terrestrial driver vary very little, but DVBViewer does not know it.

Only software delivered by the manufacturer can receive DVB-C. 

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After every driver related change, you should run "Scan Device" (Options > Hardware).


Try the DVBViewer without RS.

Stop the RS disable the RTSP device in Options > Hardware an set the TV card to normal.

Start the DVBViewer vis Start Menu > DVBViewer Pro (Debug Mode)

And then try a channel scan and post a new support.zip


But I assume if "Scan Device" doesn't help only other driver can help. If the driver doesn't work with the Windows version it can't be fixed inside the DVBViewer.

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From the settings everything looks OK. And in the log are no errors.
The driver from the stick simply doesn't return any data. As if the antenna cable is not attached.


So nothing which can be changed by the DVBViewer.

If antenna cable and DVB-C stick are OK the driver/Windows Version combination is the problem.


So only a new/changed driver for the DVB-C stick (or a other Windows version) can change the situation.

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I got cable channels working with Astrometa. I first uninstalled all Astrometa SW and cleaned the installation directories. Then I installed the older cable driver version AMDVBC_Setup_160614. For some reason the new driver does not want to install correctly in Windows 10.


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I bought this Astrometa USB DVB-T/T2/C + FM + DAB/DAB+ (VID_15F4_PID_0131) cheaply from eBay and faced the same issue. I find out that the latest driver works on Win10x64, but you need to modify Astrometa driver's AMDVBT2BDA.inf -file:


HKR,"Parameters",DVBCMode,0x10001,0    <----- DVB-T (default)

HKR,"Parameters",DVBCMode,0x10001,1    <----- DVB-C


Because driver is now modified you need to disable Win10 Driver Signature Verification. Otherwise it will give the error code, and does not work.


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I did a program a few years ago. You can find some information and links here.

I do a new version here.


Change :

- Reset the device in an another thread

- Can stay in systray

- Target the .net framework 4.0, which is now the most common.


Requires to start in Administrator because it read and write the registry and reset the device.


It's provided as is. Only test in my PCs.


2018-03-25 16_14_08-Greenshot2.png

2018-03-25 16_08_29-Window.png

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