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Non-ASCII channel names in "Channel List Editor" turn into ???'s after editing

tim copperfield

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Basically the title, and probably related to the other post about timers.xml saving as ASCII.


How to reproduce:


1) Open channel editor

2) Select channel by keyboard or mouse

3) Press F2 to edit channel name

4) Copy/type in ช่องทำอาหาร or anything else not ASCII


What happens:

Text is replaced with ? or .


What should happen:


Entered text should remain


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27 minutes ago, Griga said:

Fixed in DVBViewer Pro 6.0.4 (just released).


Hopefully these fixes will eventually turn permanent, including saving.


It shouldn't even be that hard, have a pref to save as CP_ACP (whatever the current non-unicode locale is) or as UTF-8 w/correct XML header. Those who rely on broken add-ons that expect ASCII could leave this off.

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