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Just Radio for MAC--32bit to 64bit?


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As High Sierra is the final release that Apple will still allow 32bit apps to function within,

are there plans to update this app to 64bit?


For what its worth, i truly use this app on a daily basis, and would happy to pay for a 64bit version that will

fulfill the requirements Apple is going to put in place.


Thank you again for a great app.



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Additional issues: at your website http://www.justradio.org/index.html

would love to pay for the MAC version since current version i have from MAC App Store is; however download link only offers the .exe version which of course is not for MAC.


Any suggestions as to how i can get current version *which i believe is 3.0.0??*




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To be honest the version numbering is a bit weird in this case. I did not updated the Mac Version since a while, because Apple is a bit strange when it comes to content. I have to explain often why station x is there and if i have the right to offer them. I will publish a newer build next year, as soon as possible. Apple plans to get rid of 32bit support till June, so i'm forced to rebuild the application till then. I can not publish a download link on the website, since apple prohibit this if i want to publish the app in their store.


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On 8.12.2017 at 7:40 PM, hackbart said:

 I will publish a newer build next year, as soon as possible.

As I did not find a proper Justradio place in the forums, so here:
Please, add to Justradio some means to see the  actual codec AND  bitrate of the actual station.

For internet and DAB.

Would be very useful if user has other choices to listen a station.

The info alrady IS in the program,  but user can see it in records only. Annoying to make a record each time to get the info.


Another, less urgent feature - to choose between several streams of the same station, e.g. to avoid breakouts  at poot internet data rates.



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