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How to compile a Delphi plugin


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Hi All,

could you please share a brief guide about compiling a DVBViewer Delphi plug-in?
I would like to modify the Delphi code of a plugin (shared by another, but no longer updated since 2013),

and then re-compile it.

Which tools/compilers are needed? Auxiliaries DVBViewer libraries are needed too?

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This depends on the plugin. In general you only need a Delphi 6 or newer compiler. Free Pascal/Lazarus should also run fine. All our plugins, we published so far, do not require third party libraries.

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I have tried to compile using Lazarus, after converting the Delphi project to the Lazarus format, using the dedicated conversion feature. 

But the compilation failed.


I suspect because some libraries are missing. At the beginning of the code (UPlugin.pas file) I see: 

uses Windows, Controls, Classes, Messages, DVBViewerServer_TLB,
  uplugininterfaces, Graphics, DateUtils, SysUtils, Math, IniFiles, ExtCtrls, OleServer,

But I only have the following files:

DVBViewerServer_TLB.pas, plgGlobals.pas, RegExpr.pas, uplugininterfaces.pas, version.pas

Are there other library files that I should include in the project? Where can I find them?

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I did other tests. It seems that the libraries are correctly loaded. So the problem has to been looked for somewhere else.
Probably the modular code is not fully compatible whit Lazarus, or some little adjusts could be needed to compile it using Lazarus.... :ermm:

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