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DVBViewer version 6.0.3


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Hi Christian, found in the full screen mode there are 2 bright lines, one at the top edge of the screen and another at the bottom, which don't look good. Could you please have a check. At least it is shown as such in my PC monitor. I have been using 5.3.1 and there were no such lines. Many thanks.

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As a tip, you should add more info/pictures describing the problem.



Also i have seen such white lines before on some channels with my old TV subscription supplier. In my case these white lines came from the channel broadcaster.

When I changed supplier the problem disappeared. 


10 hours ago, CCTVHK said:

In addition, it is also found that the mouse wheel becomes volume control under the fullscreen mode.

And this is not the case in windowed mode then?

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Thanks majstang.


The 2 lines appear when the display resolution is 1360x768 with VMR7 as renderer. As a workaround, I change the display resolution to 1366x768, keeping VMR7, and the lines are not there anymore. I can accept that solution.


For the mouse wheel function, if the setup is like this, under full screen mode, the wheel becomes volume control. Under the windowed mode, it works as resize, as intended.




If I try the other way round, with Ctrl for resize, resize still works as it is intended, and Ctrl+Wheel will also be a volume control under full screen mode.


I tried other functions like aspect ratio, favorite plus/minus, and they work as intended under both modes. Best regards.

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Which windows version do you use? VMR7 is a pretty old renderer and not recommended for later windows versions.

I guess DVBViewer always reverts to the default mouse wheel action for all players (Volume) when the action you try to do is not supported by the exclusive fullscreen mode, resizing in your case. 

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47 minutes ago, CCTVHK said:

under full screen mode, the wheel becomes volume control. Under the windowed mode, it works as resize, as intended.


@majstang is right. DVBViewer automatically changes resize as mouse wheel function to volume control in full screnn mode because full screen can't be resized.


The EVR Custom Video Renderer should be the number one choice except if you are still using Windows XP.

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