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Live Streaming to remote location

Paweł K.

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I would like streaming DVB-S channel to remote location.
To live straming I'm using Recording Service, everything works fine when I'm using DVBViewer application on client side.
Main issue is, when I want to watch channels by Kodi or HTTP, all HD channels with AC3 audio are buffering every 2-5 second (eg BBC Earth)
In case HD channels without AC3, buffering doesnt occures (Eurosport HD).
I've observed a strange situation. When I open Kodi and start watching channels eg. BBC Earth buffering does not occures (bandwidth is between 7-15Mbps),
when I change channel to any different (HD + AC3) buffering comeback (max bandwidth 7Mbps)

My configuration is:
Core i3 2120 3,3GHz, 4GB RAM, DVBsky S952 PCIe (Mystique SaTiX-S2 Sky Xpress DUAL).
- On server side, FTTH 600/60Mbps
- client side, 100/100 Mbps.

Before I bought Mystique SaTiX-S2 Sky Xpress DUAL, I've been using Nbox Enigma 2 with Kodi Vu + add-on, and everything worked fine!, so in my opinion Internet access is not a problem.

I've been struggling with many configuration, unfortunetely, without success.

Maybe moving to Media server instead Recording Service will be solution ?

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