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DVBViewer 6.0.4 channel not available from server 2.0.4


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I was experiencing many difficulties since moving my Windows 8.1 PC to use DVBViewer 6.0.4 (was 5.6.4) and media server 2.0.4 (was 1.0.32), such as DVBViewer works for a few minutes then gives "not responding", the media server refusing  to load any channels. 

Also HD channels not working at all when they were OK before upgrading.


So I completely removed and re-installed both DVBViewer Pro 6.0.4 and Media server 2.0.4.


Now I get "channel not available from server" on all channels scanned.  Actually, just a few channels scanned because the channel scan now hangs up (not responding) after scanning a few transponders.


The hardware works fine on Ubuntu 16.04 with tvheadend and Kodi on the same PC.  (I have a dual boot system) 


Below is the support tool output from the latest error "Channel not available from server"



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You have configured a RTSP network device in the DMS Options -> hardware, which means, the DMS is working as a Sat>IP client. The server address is This server cannot be found, or with other words, the DMS can't establish a TCP connection with this server. Which server is it? Have you already checked the firewall settings for the DMS? A Sat>IP client must be allowed to set up a TCP connection with the server and receive UDP streams from it.

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Thanks for your reply.

Here is what I did:

In the DMS Configure Server, I ticked the box Enable RTSP/Sat>IP Server.  see screen shot 1 in the attached .doc file. 

Then in the DVBViewer Pro - Settings - Options - DVBViewer Media Server window I ticked box "Enable support for the DVBViewer Media Server"

This allowed me to then select media server and test the connection which was OK.  See screen shot 2. 

Is this the correct procedure or should I have used the Media Server Wizard.


I am only concerned to play TV channels on my PC, at this stage.


Hope this helps



RDT-DVBViewer screen shots.pdf

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The problem is not the DVBViewer configuration, but the DMS configuration -> Hardware. Please read again:


1 hour ago, Griga said:

You have configured a RTSP network device in the DMS Options -> hardware, which means, the DMS is working as a Sat>IP client.


From where do you expect the DMS to get TV/Radio? This obviously doesn't work.


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Thanks for the reply.

Here is a screen shot of the hardware settings.  The TBS QBOX is set to "Do not use.




Is this correct or is there something else that I have inadvertently not set up?

I am still getting the error :



As you can see I am getting No Playback at the bottom of the screen.  Is this relevant to this problem?


I have been a user of DVBViewer for 4 or 5 years and is has been fine until I upgraded to version 6.0.4 and DMS 2.0.4


As I stated before the hardware works fine under Ubuntu 16.04 with tvheadend and Kodi on the same PC (Dual boot)



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The DMS uses the RTSP Network Device for TV/Radio reception. This device is configured for connecting to a Sat>IP server at address I'm still waiting for a reply to


19 hours ago, Griga said:

Which server is it?


or with other words, what is your expected TV source?


Anyway, this connection doesn't work, as your svcdebug.log (created by the DMS!) reveales:



TRTSPNetworkStream   OpenDevice       Server not found: rtsp://


The failure chain: DVBViewer as DMS client can't receive TV because the DMS can't receive TV because its RTSP Network Device doesn't work because it can't connect to the (still mysterious) server for which it is configured.


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 I have removed the RTSP Network Device from the DMS Hardware and this cures the problem!!!!!!


I am sorry for being a stupid old git!!!!! 


Thanks once again for your support.   Sorry for wasting your time!


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