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transcode x265


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i want to know if transcode with libx265 is possible? because i've got low bandwith

i've tried to modified ffmpeg_prefs.ini with no success (no video )


when we install ffmpeg  - is libx265 librairy installed by default ?

someone has a config file to share ?



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Launch ffmpeg.exe without parameters from the command line for getting information about what is enabled. libx265 is included in up-to-date builds from Zeranoe.


For using HEVC instead of H.264 you need to replace libx264 by libx265 in the file ffmpegprefs.ini - see installation directory (where DVBViewer.exe is), config sub-directory. Additionally the following options have to be removed from the preset because libx265 does not understand them:


-tune film

-vprofile main

-vprofile baseline

-level 30


For getting a lower data rate you need to use higher -crf xx values, approx. plus 5 compared to H.264. Read more about it here.


libx265 can only be used for TS presets (and maybe flash, I didn't try...). The next DVBViewer Media Server release will allow to configure HEVC video for transcoded  TS output in the web interface.


Please note that transcoding to HEVC causes a high CPU load on the server PC - much more than H.264.



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