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Last Version of Recording Services


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Dear Sirs,


Some years ago my school bought a DVB Card (DD Octopous Bridge V3  with four TwinTunner Extensions). We run it with:

DVBViewer Pro Version 5.2.9 and Recording Services 1.27.


Now I'm trying to update the installation to the new stand and while I have find a new version of DVBViewer, 6.0.4, I cannot find a new version

of Recording Services in the customer area.


Where can I find it, if it exists?


Best regards


Jaume Samperiz





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The last RecordingService version is You will find it in the membersarea ==> Older Versions

Now RecordingService becomes DVBViewer MediaServer which is a paid addtion.

You'll find more information here and here.


Best regards

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