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How to record show's EPG title in .ts file, visible in VLC player?


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I have LG HR500 dedicated recorder and .ts files it produces have show's EPG title encoded within. I can view it in VLC for example and maybe with other software, but I'm not sure as I use VLC for this. In VLC status bar needs to be visible so I can see show's EPG title (otherwise it shows file name).


I recorded with Media Server few shows, but there's not that information. I guess that Media Server can store that info also within .ts file, but I'm not sure what I need to setup.


I tried to include within .ts file these two options Adjust PAT/PMT and ETI EPG Data. It didn't produced show's EPG title visible.


I now that I have access in .txt files to EPG info, but it may be useful if I can have that info within .ts file also.

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18 hours ago, Alan_SP said:



That's exactly what is takes for letting the DMS include EPG Data in the recording. It can be proved with the TransEdit Analyzer that the data is present, but for some reason VLC doesn't recognize it. Maybe because the DMS cuts the EPG data down on what is actually needed, which means, it only includes the present/following sections for the recorded channel, not the long term schedule EPG and no EPG for other channels on the same transponder.


Interestingly the VLC recognizes the unfiltered EPG data included in RTSP (Sat>IP) live TV streams. Try the following with DMS 2.1.0 (released yesterday):

  • Tick DMS Options (svcoptions.exe) ->  RTSP Server -> EPG Data
  • Web Interface -> Links Page -> Download the RTSP Channel List
  • Open the M3U file with VLC

However, including the complete EPG data in a recording would be a huge overkill. There are EPG streams with 5 MBit/s and more that deliver all EPG data for a whole satellite position. VLC should also be able to read EPG data that is reduced to a reasonable amount.


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OK, thank you.


I'll select ETI EPG Data for future and hope that VLC will start to understand this info with future versions. I know that VLC has many problems, bugs and "features", so, maybe with time they will solve it.


And, for my future use I'll use .txt files created. It is just a bit changed workflow with recorded files.

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I think I've found out what VLC needs for displaying the EPG: Another DVB table called SDT (Service Description Table) that signals the EPG availability. Just providing the EPG data is not enough.


However, for recordings a modified SDT must be created that matches the recorded (EPG) content. Just passing on the broadcasted (received) SDT won't do the trick.


Still to be verified experimentally...


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OK, what I need to do?


I'm on latest versions of DVBViewer and Media server (6.1.0 and 2.1.0)

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To answer here for maybe other users interested in subject, your solution works great, now I can see show's title in VLC.


Just in case, for the time being I returned to official version of Media Server. I guess you can use code for future versions of Media Server, maybe as an option, or not, not sure what exactly you needed to change. But it worked for me just fine.

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