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Timer recording display problem


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I have just upgraded my TV and my PC is now connecting to it at a recommended 3860x2160 resolution. Under "scale and layout" Windows is uprating size of text by 300%.

When i open Timer Recordings in DVBViewer there is now a display problem with the Start and End boxes, at least that is all that I have noticed so far.




I haven't needed to change settings in DVBViewer for things like this. Are there some parameters that I can change within DVBViewer?

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DVBViewer version? Windows version?


You can try to configure a custom DVBViewer text size by launching Resizer.exe (see DVBViewer installation directory) and moving the slider e.g. to 295%. Same problem? It doesn't happen here with custom 300% on a 1920x1200 screen.

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Version V6.0.4.5 - a test version that I haven't got round to upgrading yet. Windows 10.


I've followed your advice and tried Resizer.exe. It changes the text size but the buttons that change value selection are still too large and obscure the window with the minutes value.



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OK, I can see the issue approaching if I set my Windows 7 from 100% to 150%. The up/down buttons get too wide. It only seems to be affected by the system setting, not by the DVBViewer custom setting. I'll post here if a find a fix for it.

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Thanks for your prompt response. Here’s hoping!

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vor 1 Stunde schrieb cp2:

Windows 10.


There are currently no less than six(!) different release versions of Windows 10, see Wikipedia and additionally a lot of insider build versions used by many people. Because there are many important differences between all those builds "Windows 10" is not sufficient to know which version you are using.


For this issue it seems Griga found something already but in future reports you could be more specific. So it's best to either append a "support.zip" file or write the exact and complete version number (can be seen by pressing Win+R and executing command "winver").

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Fair point and I will bear this in mind in future, particularly given the major version changes that come with Windows 10. Mind you even if I give a precise Windows version, the history of my installation and the impact of the other hardware and software that are there can introduce other variables! As you say, fortunately in this instance it has turned out to be enough.

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