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DVBViewer in the News

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Hi there,


I am using the DVBViewer and the Media Server since a long time and i like to say thank you. I stumbled while browsing the web over a nice article written about you. I suppose you know about it, but i bet the most of the users don't.



Before reading it in the magazin i thought a company behind this project is slighly bigger, but now i'm quite sure it is not. To be honest I already wondered how to keep the project running with your price model. This is not a critic, more a compliment.

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Yes i know the article and i honestly look a bit disheveled on the picture. For my (lame) excuse it was damn hot and windy when they took the photos :wub:

We are indeed not a big company and without the help of those good souls in the forum (sorry for saying that not often enough) and especially without griga's sacrificial work i would honestly not know how to stem everything.

You are also right with the price model. I never had the intention to create the software in order to get rich. All i wanted was to build a tool which serves my needs and now almost two decades later we are at a point where i proudly can say i never expected that the software became that extensive. When i introduced the life time fee the application was nothing more than just a viewer with some rudimentary recording abilities and it was full of bugs. It would be a lie if i would say it wasn't. But i had spent uncountable hours in to the development, before i met the love of my life and founded a family. The working days are now a bit shorter, but they are still at least 8 hours daily, but at the moment it is barely hard to keep the head above the water. 






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