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IPTV - M3U via URL - Refreshing channels


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Hello all,

I have had a look through the existing forum topics.

Found a few good posts on using Transedit to "scan in" channels from a M3U file - but my question is different.


I am using DVBViewer Pro 6.1.2 and really looking to understand whether what I want to achieve is even possible.

Any help appreciated.


I would like to maintain a M3U playlist of IPTV channels available from a fixed URL

The playlist would ONLY include TS streams


Each channel would be coded to provide channel name, category, EPG ID and logo url

For example:

#EXTINF:-1 tvg-id="BBC1.uk" tvg-name="BBC1.uk" tvg-logo="http://expatiptv.org/logo/ent/bbc%20one.png" group-title="UK ENTERTAINMENT",BBC ONE HD [+]


I would like DVBViewer to:

Download the M3U playlist via the URL

Automatically parse / scan the channels, creating the categories defined in the M3U

On a regular (e.g. 24 hours) basis, repeat the process, overwriting the existing data 


Anyone know if this is achievable?


Thank you.





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What do you mean? You can add IPTV channels into the DVBViewer and handle them like regular DVB channels. Right now HLS, TS and Shoutcast resp. IceCast channels are supported. We do work on Dash which will need some time. 

This thread is about assigning IPTV channels with XEPG in order to get EPG working.

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Yes, I normally watch IPTV channels in live mode. But the provider gives the function of viewing channels in the recording, this function is called the archive. The transmissions for the elapsed time are turned on from the EPG window.
Is there such an opportunity in dvb weever? Naprime in prog dvb this is implemented .For this, you need to have a playlist URL in the program. Thanks.




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