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Skystar USB 2 HD CI problem with Z370 chipset


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I have a Technisat Skystar USB 2 HD CI and it doesn’t  work  under Windows 10 64bit system on i7-8700K and Z370 platform.

Each time I try to scan channels  results immediately with a blue screen. Driver is the last one available.  I have tried almost everything.

Is there any way to resolve this problem.

Does any one have a similar platform working fine.



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Technisat Skystar USB 2 HD CI must be connected to USB 2, there is no workaround, using UBS 3 will always crash the PC.
Using USB 2 should not crash your PC, test an other USB cable first, maybe it's broken.
If you have the chance testing the box with an other PC, you should do it to exclude if the box is defect, if nothing happens you know the hardware is ok and you can continue searching the bug.
It is necessary you are using an USB 2 port!


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As I've told you before I"m using USB 2.0 port. On my second PC, but with H67 chipset and i7-2600, all other parts the same including W10 64 - everythig works perfectly. The problem is in Z370 chipset (ASUS ROG STRIX Z370-G GAMING microATX board) Maybe USB driver or maybe not.

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