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Expired? Plus questions


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I downloaded the 64 bit version of the video editor on the 7th and have only just got around to trying it but when I tried to save a cut it didn't do anything and after the 3rd try it told me that the trial period had expired, despite the trial period being one month and I literally installed it only a few minutes before trying it on the 27th. I uninstalled it and installed a newly downloaded copy (1.0.8) but it was the same. Any ideas? (Windows 7 x64)


The questions are:


1) Does it fully support subtitles, both standard .srt and SDH? I was trying to clip an example with both normal and SDH subtitles but I couldn't save it so I still don't know.


2) Why are .mkv files not in the supported file list? When I select All Files it lets me open them without problem.



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I've had problems with the 64-bit version too with my Windows 10 64-bit Notebook. You should try the 32-bit version. DVBViewer is a 32-bit software too.



Many greetings



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Thanks for the suggestion but it still doesn't work as the trial period has expired, despite me not being able to use it at all.


What a waste of time and it's very disappointing that the programmers can't even be bothered to reply on their forum.

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You could write a PM (personal message) to the programme esp. hackbart. Just click on the envelope left to your username (SimonP) at the right top-corner.



Many greetings




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