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Hotbird Channel List: Help Needed


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I would like to provide an up-to date Hotbird 13°E channel list in the upcoming DVBViewer release. However, my Hotbird reception conditions are not sufficient (dish too small ;)). There are several DVB-S2 transponders that I can't receive properly.


Is there anybody who can help? I need the unfiltered results of "Scan All" performed with TransEdit and exported as INI channel list, requiring the following steps:

  1. Copy the attached fairly complete Hotbird  transponder list to the Transponders sub-directory of the configuration folder. Or use your own list if you believe you have a better one.
  2. Select the Hotbird transponder list on the left side of the TransEdit main window. Check if DiSEqC must be adjusted. Then click "Scan All".
  3. Switch all filtering off in the scanner window: Filter 1 = Both, Filter 2 = Both, Filter 3 = all checkboxes ticked. I can filter it later according to my needs.
  4. After the scan is done select Category = Provider (Root doesn't matter), click "Select All" and then "Export to File".
  5. Zip the INI channel list and attach it here.


Thanks in advance... :)




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Mach' ich gleich mal. Muss erstmal Essen...




Scan mit TBS 5520 SE (S2X-Tuner) und Transedit


Im zip:

* Hotbird 13.0°E_Channels.ini (Kategorie: Provider)

* DVB-S_0130.ini (aktualisiert durch NIT-Auswertung)

* dvbv_Scan_End.jpg (Kontrolle, ob Einstellungen wie gewünscht)


Falls was nicht passt > Nachfragen!



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Thanks a lot! However, there is one thing that doesn't work out. FEC is in all scan results "auto". Did you use the "Always scan with auto FEC dectection" option? This is fine for people with devices that are able to auto-detect the FEC, but for others the result is unusable.


Unfortunately there is no easy way to correct it. So can you please perform the scan again with this option swiched off?


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Thanks again. Here are the resulting (reworked) Hotbird channel lists for the upcoming release:




You can store them in the DVBViewer installation directory\Default\Channels subdirectory.


If someone wants or needs to know: Exported INI channel lists can be re-imported in TransEdit 4.2. Just drag & drop them into the TransEdit main window. TransEdit will automatically detect that it is a channel list (no transponder list) and display it in the scanner window as if scanned. You can do almost everything with it that you can do with a "fresh" scan, e.g. apply filter options, export parts of it, preview channels etc.


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@Darwin: Would you do it again for the upcoming release? Or anybody else who is able to provide a complete Hotbird channel list? For instructions see my first post.


Here is the updated Hotbird transponder list:


<attachment removed>


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@Darwin: Please play it again, Sam :) ...or someone else (see first post). I'm preparing the next releases. Here is an updated Hotbird transponder list that can be used for the scan (and also corrected, if active transponders are missing):



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Sorry for delay!

Too hot to play... ?


Your Transponderlist is complete. Compare my 'Update" through TransEdit 4.2.4 => DVB-S_0130_transedit.ini

Channellist scanned without data services and inactive channels => Hotbird 13.0°E_Channels.ini



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6 minutes ago, Darwin said:

Channellist scanned without data services and inactive channels => Hotbird 13.0°E_Channels.ini


Thanks a lot :)


I can use it, though an unfiltered list is generally more suitable for my needs. See my first post:


On 12/23/2018 at 10:34 AM, Griga said:

Switch all filtering off in the scanner window: Filter 1 = Both, Filter 2 = Both, Filter 3 = all checkboxes ticked. I can filter it later according to my needs.


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P.S. A mistake in your transponder list: 11747 H is DVB-S2, not DVB-S (according to LyngSat and KingOfSat). 8PSK modulation doesn't fit DVB-S anyway. It has to be corrected (also in the scan results) because it spoils reception with devices that can't auto-detect the modulation system.


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P.P.P.S Same mistake with 12520 H. And wrong modulation in both our lists.


Obviously our proceeding  doesn't work out in this way. I'll check my transponderlist again, by comparing it with your list and LyngSat / KingOfSat, then I'll re-upload it, then please perform the scan again by using my list. Otherwise things are not in sync.



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@Darwin: Please perform another scan by using my new attached transponder list and export the channels without any filtering.


Your transponder list contains several mistakes containing modulation, DVB-S/S2 and FEC, accordingly affecting your scan results. Your device seems to to have good auto-detection capabilities. Otherwise you wouldn't get results on the erroneous transponders.


By comparing our lists I also detected 3 mistakes in my list, though I've updated it with a NIT scan and afterwards compared it with LyngSat data. Here is the corrected version:



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Looks good :)


If you want to know how I work with your results: Drag & drop your Hotbird 13.0°E_Channels_2.ini into the TransEdit main window. The content appears in the scanner windows "as if just scanned", and I can do almost everything with it that can be done after scan: Sort the results, change filter options... provided the channel list has been stored unfiltered.


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@Darwin Same procedure as every year... can you please provide another Hotbird channel list, based on the transponder list that I've attached below? I've just updated it by using Lyngsat... everything else as usual.



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As soon as possible...



And already possible.

Scanned with NIT.

Starts with 88 ends with 217 TS.

Only one additional TS found : 11804,2 V S2 8PSK 3/4




Zip includes :


* DVB-S_0130+NIT

* Hotbird 13.0°E_Channels (incl. 11804 V)


Hope, it's okay...

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Thanks :)


vor 23 Stunden schrieb Darwin:

Only one additional TS found : 11804,2 V S2 8PSK 3/4


It is contained in my list, but the symbolrate is wrong. It's corrected now.


I've manually corrected the few provider names that are spelled wrongly or differently in your channel list, and I will not put more effort into it. The default channel- and transponder lists shipped with DVBViewer are supposed to provide an easy start  for beginners. Everybody who wants more elaborated lists, should scan and sort the results according to her/his liking.


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