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Video Editor hangs when saving after comskip

Jacob Andersen

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Jacob Andersen


I have just installed the Video Editor and I test ran it on a full length movie trying to skip commercials. It detected the commercials just fine but when I try to save the cut it just hangs. I have tried it three times now and it hangs at the same spot every time. As you can see on the attached screen dump then this has been hanging for 11h and nothing happens.


Any ideas?


Regards, JSA



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Jacob Andersen

Inspired by other reports then I switched to the 32bit version (as the above problem was for the 64bit version) using the same project file so I did not have to redo the comskipping again.


I runs without any problems on the 32bit version.



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I have been having the same problem, I will try the 32 bit version and report back.

I have had a program in save for 3 days without any progress.

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Hmm strange both codes are nearly equal, but I always recommend the 32bit version if it does not come to UHD transmissions. 

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