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Media Server Win10 19H1


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Hello evrybody! 

I've been using DVBViewer succesfully for at least 4 years, but after upgrading win10,last build 19H1 18309 , the DMS stopped working. Seems working, but the video streaming doesn't start. This happens with all connected devices (eg Kodi,Ipad,SamsungTV etc). 
With a  downgraded stable version of win it works, but I need to make it run with the latest version.

 I need a quick solution as I use it as HTPC!!





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This is the reason (from your svcdebug.log):



08.01.19 11:57:50.809 TBDADVBSky           OpenDevice       failed to connect BDA Sample Dumper


which means, the BDA sub-system doesn't work anymore as it should. However, a post in the German section of the forum, that reported the same issue, indicated that it still works with DVBViewer. The main difference: It is running in a user account, not in a system account like the DMS.


I'm sorry to say that we have not enough resources for looking after fixes for bugs in Windows preview versions that may be gone again after a short time. Please report it to Microsoft.


Things I would try in this situation:

  • Configure the service for logging on with the name and password of a user account (must be an admin account) -> stop the DMS -> launch services.msc -> right-click DVBViewer Media Server -> Properties.
  • Run the Media Server as application in the user account: First stop the DMS as service  -> launch DVBVservice.exe. However, there are some drawbacks. Particularly the DMS tray tool doesn't recognize anymore that the DMS is running. This method should only be regarded as temporary solution.
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On 1/8/2019 at 1:50 PM, Griga said:


Hi Griga, I tried out yuor suggestions but the DMS is still not working. DVBViewer app is working fine. Do you pls have any other suggestions?

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Christian tried the 19H1 preview in a VM, and it looks like he found a solution. Do you want to test it? Please note that the change may have unknown side effects (though quite unlikely).


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I used 2.1.3 and after w10 updated stop working... so I updated DMS to version 2.1.4... I try everything but don't work...when I go to services I see that running but not... I stop and start again but nothing.. I also stoped firewall and antivirus but no go... DVBViewer work OK and my local network also...

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Now thanks for my restore point go back (version 1809, build 17763.292 ) and for now is OK again….
So I hope that you find whats going wrong with build 17763.316 … if not i wait to another build and then try again... 

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vor 19 Minuten schrieb webmaher:

So I hope that you find whats going wrong with build 17763.316 … if not i wait to another build and then try again... 


 DVBViewer and DMS are running fine with  build 17763.316 so you should try to update Win10 once more.

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