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ATSC 3 Support

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i wonder if the DVBViewer is capable to support ATSC 3.0. As far as i know the next broadcast standard will be available soon and is completely different to the existing one. Not sure if you know this, but there seem to be a open source project available here: https://www.ngbp.org




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Hi, i will write if there is any interest a more detailed answer later.


We indeed do work on ATSC 3.0. Technically it is except the medium which is used (terrestrial broadcast) not quite comparable to the original ATSC 1.0. I also know the author from ngbp.org and his GitHub projects. He has also a couple of recordings which can be used for testing: https://github.com/jjustman/atsc-3.0-mmt-pcaps/tree/master/2019-01-07-atsc3.0-587mhz.


Bildschirmfoto 2019-02-13 um 20.37.11.jpg


I do have ideas how to implement playback in the DVBViewer, but till then there will flow a lot of water down the Mississippi.



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