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DVBViewer und Windows 1809

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Gibt es eine Chance, DVBViewer in Windows 10 zu verwenden? Oder muss ich ein anderes Programm kaufen?


translated with Google Translate, not Tapalac.


with Win 2017 work ok, but the updates? which come for windous and then 1803 or 1809.


ProTv HD no läuft, RTL HD no läuft, Das erste HD no läuft, ZDF HD läuft.

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DVBViewer & Windows 10 are working, I use it for years and I use 1809 for a few months, no problems so far.


With the information given no one can help you, it's like saying "I have a white PC, why is it not working?"


You should post your used Hardware and Software. Used GPU and driver version, used DVB Hardware and driver version used DVBViewer version, 

do you use other DVB Software at the same time. The more information you give the better people can help you or help finding your problem.

Create a support zip, go into the DVBViewer folder and click on supporttool, it will create a zip with information about your system and the last DVBViewer start.

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