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Access web interface + RTSP server from another VLAN

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I'm trying to access my DMS from another VLAN (default subnet is and the other subnet is I think I should make some changes to the svcuserdata.xml file in C:\ProgramData\CMUV\DVBViewer\Config


Right now I have entered this as entry:


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  <section name="WebUsers">
    <entry name="NUser">admin</entry>
    <entry name="NPassword">*******************************</entry>
    <entry name="AllowInternet">1</entry>
    <entry name="ApplyToLAN">1</entry>
    <entry name="NGuest">DVBGuest</entry>
    <entry name="GuestAllowInternet">0</entry>
    <entry name="GuestApplyToLAN">1</entry>
  <section name="TrustedDevices">
    <entry name="TrustedIPs"></entry>
    <entry name="LocalIPs"></entry>



However, when I apply this and restart the DMS, I still cannot access the WEBIF and also not from the DVBViewer controller app. Packets are arriving on the DMS from my phone (I checked with Wireshark).




Untitled (Phone).png



What am I doing wrong?

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How did you configure the routing between the two Class C subnets (esp. on the 192.168.75.X client)? Are you able to make something like tracert on the server - may be it can't route back. In addition I'm not quite sure if the server sees (Trusted/LocalIPs) the other VLANs IP address as is. In some occations we've seen that Windows tries to remap the foreign IP to some virtual local one. Although this will not harm the basic communication it can lead to failing IP verifications - maybe there is some logging on the WEBIF side which reports denied access?


Just some ideas.



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