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Picture-In-Picture Suggestions


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Just a couple of suggestions/questions about PiP.


Would it be possible to add a channel/favourites list to the PiP context menu? It saves having to swap pictures, change channel and swap back again if all you want to do is change channel on the inset picture.


Would it be possible to enable the PiP option in the context menu when watching a media file? It is possible to have PiP while watching a video, but you have to set up the PiP with broadcast streams and then drop the media file onto the large screen area.


Lastly, a question. I use DirectSound audio from HDMI to my amp. When I have an AC3 source, I can't get audio from the PiP regardless of whether it is MPEG Stereo or AC3. Is this because of the DirectSound? Using other non-direct audio fixes this.





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59 minutes ago, Cian said:

Would it be possible to add a channel/favourites list to the PiP context menu?


You can use the normal DVBViewer channel list  -> right-click the channel that you want to see as PiP -> Picture in Picture. This can be done with all channel list representations (except the channel editor): the pop-up channel list in the main window, the separate channel list window and the channel lists in the EPG and Timer Recordings window.


The next DVBViewer release will also provide PiP channel selection in the channel editor and allow to detach the PiP window from the main window, so it can be used as independent TV window, including full screen capabilities (so if you own two monitors, you can watch two channels as full screen).


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Thanks. Didn't realise that I could right-click in the pop-up channel list. That will do nicely!


Had I remembered it, I would have asked for the detachable window too! It's the only reason that I have DVBViewerGE installed on my system with Projector and monitor!!

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