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TransEdit: "Analyze TS File..."


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The option "Analyze TS File..." of the TransEdit is a very powerful function. However, I suggest to add two "simple" changes:


  1. Auto-loop option: Now, when the file ends, it never returns to the start. When using the "Streaming" functionality will be interesting to have the option to "loop" the file.
  2. Add a button in the Analyze Window to toggle the "Fast/Normal" reading option of the Settings ("High speed file analysis"). When enabling the "Streaming" functionality the streaming is at full speed if the option selected is "fast", except if you open one Preview Window (in this case, the streaming goes to normal speed until you close the Preview). So, it's a pain to change every time the option on Settings. I prefer a single toggle button.


Please, consider these small enhancements.

Thank you!


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