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HBBTV problems in italy

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I bought your hbbtv plugin. It works with sat germany channel (example das erste, zdf ...) but it doesn't work with italian channel (tivusat platform with card and dvb-t) as rai, mediaset and sportitalia. With these italian channels I don't watch red button on screen and if i press f5 not appear hbbtv gui and i can't browser this gui. In italy we will use hbbtv version 2.0.1 and sometimes 1.5. This problem is caused by tv channel servers or DVBViewer hbbtv plugin? And will this plugin work in next version with italian channels?


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Well in many cases the faulty javascript has to become fixed. You should start the DVBViewer in Debug mode, open a HbbTV service and provide the support.zip. I try to repair their code and the system will inject the patches automatically.

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here support using rai1

support rai1.zip

then i created 2 support for canale5 and sportitalia but in this moment not space for this file and i need delete this file when you will say to me. can i create 1 support for both in debug mode?

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Thanks, what i can see is when loading the hbbtv service: http://www.kineton.it/hbbtv/sportitalia/sportitaliachannel/index.html is complains that the browser does not support requestAnimationFrame and cancelAnimationFrame. I assume that the provider thinks a HbbTV capable browser does require a fully fledged decoder engine for Html, which is actually not really the case. I bet they just tested their service in a regular browser, which explains the key maps for "r", "g", "b", "y" for the remote controls. I will fix this, but anyway the videos are not played at all. I just get a "contenuto non disponible". Maybe because i'm located in Germany and the geo check block my connection. 


Bildschirmfoto 2019-07-07 um 19.01.07.png

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sportitalia started hbbtv service on 1st july 2019. It's young service and maybe it has teething problems. But is it normal which i don't watch anything press f5 on rai, mediaset, sportitalia? 

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It should work fine, except that i can not play the video content. I see a request and get an error message in return. 

If you have general problems try to create a vbs file with the following content:


Dim DVBViewer
Set DVBViewer = GetObject(, "DVBViewerServer.DVBViewer")
DVBViewer.HbbTV.LoadInBrowser "debug", 1
DVBViewer.HbbTV.Visible = 1

If you start this vbs file the DVBViewer opens a javascript debug console which shows the exact error(s).




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I opened DVBViewer on raisport hd, created this vbs, run vbs and pressed f5 and made this screenshot. If i press f5 i don't watch browser but only channel. With das erste,zdf, .. hbbtv works right.

hbbtv rai.jpg

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I too bought the HBBTv plugin to use it with italian channels on DTT, in short how can I use it for the HBBTv portals available in my country?

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I've lately tested the HbbTV add-on with channels from various satellite positions (including RAI on Hotbird) and found that it is only usable in German-speaking countries (Germany, Austria Switzerland). The main reason is the out-dated JavaScript engine, that doesn't understand new JavaScript syntax elements. Unfortunately there is not much that can be done about it. For more information see here.


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