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Dedicated clients for iOS/Android/Android TV


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While I find DVBViewer/DMS as superior TV backend, on mobile client side I think it is 'lacking'.

DVBViewer as Windows client is 'sufficent' although overall UI's look and feel looks a bit outdated and needs a refresh. But 'it does the job'.


It's much worse on mobile clients though.

On Android (and Android TV) I am effectively forced to use Kodi with DVBViewer plugin as a client to have sufficiently good experience.

On iOS - MrMC the only comfortable option (forget DMS Web interface for iOS, it's so outdated).


Kodi is a great 'sofa' media player but on mobile devices it is just an overkill to use it as just TV client.


Lack of good clients is what makes me periodically research alternative backends. Look at TV Mosaic for example. As a backend it is fairly limited (when compared to DMS) and addressed towards less demanding users. But it has great own/dedicated Android/Android TV/iOS easy to use and lightweight clients (which are free).

(TVHeadend for example has has good iOS app (Tvhclient) and has a plugin to Google's Android TV 'TV Channels' app.)


If DVBViewer went the same way and prepared same class dedicated clients for these three platforms, I would instantly grab these, even if they were paid ones (assuming reasonable price like a couple of euros).


It's not a criticism, rather encouragement.




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