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DMS hangs


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First of all, this issue is hard to reproduce, even for me. I'm not quite sure what triggers it.

It happens when I watch a programmme via 'native' DVBViewer Pro Windows interface for a long time. Long time - it means at least an hour or even more, like 2-3 hours.

If you decide to stop watching a programme and close DVBViewer then, the DMS underneath hangs. This also happens when I decide to switch just to another programme after watching previous one for a 'long time'.


With 'hang'  I mean:

- web interface can no longer be opened

- if there was a recording in progress, it last until the end and finishes as expected but DMS is not able to start another scheduled recording

- you can no longer launch any clients becuase DMS is not responding


What fixes the issue is restart of DMS service but frequently such attempt to manually stop it fails, that is service shows as 'shutting down' forever (longest time I waited was ~30 minutes). The only way to recover then is to hard-reboot Windows/reset PC (regular Windows shutdown again takes 'forever' because it waits for DMS service to close).

No idea when it began because even for me it's not frequent to watch one programme for such a long time. I thought it was caused by TBS5881 tuner but recently I moved to another Hauppauge tuner and same issue still exists.


I haven't noticed this when another client (such as Kodi or MrMC) is used instead. It can play back a channel for many hours non-stop with no issues. But then, if you attempt to run DVBViewer itself, even not for too long time and close it, the same problem appears.


Let me know what logs could and collected when could help you identify what's causing this issue.





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vor 11 Stunden schrieb klosz007:

It happens when I watch a programmme via 'native' DVBViewer Pro Windows interface for a long time. Long time - it means at least an hour or even more, like 2-3 hours. If you decide to stop watching a programme and close DVBViewer then, the DMS underneath hangs. (...) I haven't noticed this when another client (such as Kodi or MrMC) is used instead.


Does DVBViewer receive the stream by using a virtual RTSP network device? Is DVBViewer running on the server PC or on a remote PC? I just want to make sure before I try to reproduce it. Kodi receives a HTTP stream, which makes an important difference, because it is served by another server instance within the DMS.


You can also try HTTP in DVBViewer by downloading a HTTP channel list (original streams) on the client PC from the Links page of the DMS web interface and then dropping the M3U file into the DVBViewer channel editor.


Please note that this is not an equivalent replacement for RTSP (Sat>IP) streaming. The HTTP channel list entries are something completely different for DVBViewer, compared to the channels that you are normally using. They belong to a special reception type (TS Stream, not DVB-S/T/C) and are based on a static URL, so that DVBViewer can't request additional data like subtitles or EPG from the server. What you get is determined by the DMS Options -> Web/UPnP -> Live Stream Server section.


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Yes, DVBViewer is configured to use RTSP DVB-C Network device(s). There seems to be no diffrence whether DVBViewer is run locally on the PC where DMS is running on another PC (RTSP devices are used in both cases anyway).

So far I wasn't able to notice this problem when watching live TV with clients such as Kodi or MrMC (on iOS) with DVBViewer plugin. I suspect they are accessing DMS in different way (what protocol is used then ?). But this can also be just luck.


Yesterday however I was able to hang DMS in the same way from MrMC (on iOS) by trying to watch a long previously recorded programme (7:30) and trying to fast forward it in 32x speed. MrMC's player does not have ability to jump the playback to specific point in time, you can only rewind. After a couple of minutes of such quick rewinding (I think I was somewhere near 3:30) it stopped and I couldn't access DMS anymore. I realized that again DMS server died, webpage not responding, I couldn't stop the service (it was stopping 'forever'), I had to reboot Windows. This can be another issue though.


I'll try to configure DVBViewer to use HTTP m3u channel list and see if that changes anything.

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After letting DVBViewer as local RTSP client play a DVB-T2 channel for six hours (accidently, intended were three hours, but then I forgot about it...), the DMS was still responsive here. In order to get as close to your setup as possible, I've used a Hauppauge SoloHD as source. The OS was Windows 10 1903. DVB-C is not available here.


A support.zip could shed more light on it.


vor 10 Stunden schrieb klosz007:

Yesterday however I was able to hang DMS in the same way from MrMC (on iOS) by trying to watch a long previously recorded programme (7:30) and trying to fast forward it in 32x speed.


I've tried with a 2:30 hours video and VLC and DVBViewer as client, but I couldn't reproduce it.


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I understand this is not easy to recreate, even for me. It just happens sometimes but after sufficiently long playback of a channel.

When it happens again, should I collect support.zip just when it happens (before I attempt to restart service) or after I reboot Windows to recover from it ?


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It happened again. Here's how I did it:

- DMS running as usual on my Intel NUC IPTV server

- Kodi with DVBViewer plugin (remote client to DMS) running on Fire TV 4K stick (connected to my TV), playing Eurosport 1 HD

- DVBViewer Pro (remote client to DMS) running on my PC in another room, playing Eurosport 1 HD and Planete+ HD in PiP window

I just wanted somehow complex scenario to gather more evidence.


It worked fine for like 2 hours, then playback of Eurosport 1 on Fire TV 4K stalled. I wanted to switch to another channel - I received Kodi message that DVBViewer server is not responding.

I took a tablet and found out that DMS's webpage is dead/not responding.

I went to my PC to the other room - both channels (Eurosport 1/ Planete) were still playing fine (!). I tried to switch to another channel - DVBViewer Pro hang. I hat to forcibly close it/kill it.

Then I tried to stop DMS service on Intel NUC, it went into infinite 'stopping' state as described previously. I had to reboot NUC/Windows (luckily regular reboot did work fine, I didn't have to hard-reset)). When it rebooted, DMS self-started, as expected. I stopped it manually and collected support.zip (attached).


I think I had wrong impression that DMS dies when DVBViwer Pro is closed. It dies earlier. 

When DMS web server is already hung, DVBViewer Pro is still able to play channels that were already playing but you cannot switch to another channel, it will cause DVBViewer Pro to hang. Also attempt to close DVBViewer (when DMS web server is dead already) will cause DVBViewer to hang on app close attempt.

If DMS web service dies, this however immediately impacts DVBViewer plugin in Kodi - playback will stop immediately.


As said earlier, I noticed it with scheduled recordings too. If there's recording in progress when DMS dies - it will last to the end but new recording will not be able to begin.


I somehow suspect that this is linked to continuity errors in the stream.




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What is certainly causing DMS to hang is presence of DVBViewer Pro client. If I use Kodi as a client only, the stream will run for many, many hours with no issues.

I'm not sure if recording in the background alone is able to trigger this.

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Unfortunately I can see no "it always starts to hangs when..." pattern in the svcdebug.log. It seems to happen on different occasions.


However, since it is no generally known DMS issue or one that is impacting lots of other users, I wonder if the plugins that you are using are causing the trouble. I would check how it is working without them, if possible...


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You mean those forum paragraph 13-related plugins ?


One of the reasons I switched to different tuner (WinTV-dualHD) without CI slot and German law prohibited solutions was that previously I was using TBS5881 tuner (with CI slot) and I was having exactly same problem then... So I cannot blame WinTV nor the descrambling plugin.


First I was suspecting it was caused by buggy TBS5881 driver. I even tried more expensive TBS5580 with CI slot but its Windows drivers and poor technical support make it fairly unusable product.

Since there are no other affordable DVB-C tuners with CI slot, I did what I had to do, i.e. change to DVB-C tuner(s) with no CI slot and German law-prohibited solutions, with additional advantage of ability to independently record and watch more than one channel.


I don't like to challenge one product (that I like a lot !) versus another one, but in the despair I started evaluation of 'competing' product (which is obviously less capable) and so far I'm having no similar problems when using these WinTV tuners and same plugins with this other product. So sadly it's something inside DMS.


I understand this problem might be specific even to my cable operator or I don't know what else. Just trying to get some help. I noticed that there are continuity errors on my cable (they're visible even on my 'physical' TV) so I'm just suspecting it might be related to how DMS handles these.


BTW, I guessed right that only SOME of the issues I had previously with DMS were caused by TBS5881 but they are of different nature (this tuner sometimes just hangs - it tunes into the channel but gets no stream, it has to be powercycled to fix it). I was having the same issue with TBS5881 both with DVBViewer and with this other product. I see no such issues with WinTV tuner, nieither with DMS nor with that other product. So at least one problem got eliminated by migration to WinTV tuners.


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Am 6.10.2019 um 23:30 schrieb klosz007:

So sadly it's something inside DMS.


Maybe the way plugins are operating and the DMS plugin interface don't meet under certain circumstances. However, before having a closer look at it, it must be verified that removing the plugins fixes the issue. I can't do it.


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OK, I'll continue experimenting and let you know the results. I have unscrambled public DVB-T channels + some (VoD teasers, teleshopping etc.) unscrambled DVB-C channels available on the cable. So for testing I can use DMS without third-party plugins. <Deleted>

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I seem to have resolved this... hopefully.

First I disabled decoding plugins and started various trials and combinations with DVB-T and unscrambled DVB-C channels. I was trying hard but I couldn't recreate this DMS hang issue.

So I switched back to software decoding and scrambled DVB-C channels but with now with different plugin <deleted> and I coludn't recreate this issue either.


This is weird becuase <deleted> worked flawlessly with this other TV software I had mentioned before.

Especially having known that I was experiencing the same 'random DMS hang' problem with TBS5881 tuner and hardware descrambling (CAM inseted into tuner's CI slot).

So it looks like software descrambling (<deleted>) + WinTV tuners is the only combination that is stable for me.


I'll continue testing further but so far so good.


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Please obey to the forum rules and  don't post details about plugins for software desrcambling. :mad: Otherwise the topic will be closed and your posting ability restricted to moderator preview (which means, your posts will not become visible until a moderator has checked them).


A general discussion about the DVBViewer/DMS plugin interface is ok, but not details that could help others to find or use plugins for software descrambling.

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