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Formuler Z8 / MyTV Online 2 as client (help request)

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Hi all,


I’ve installed the latest Media Server and DVBViewer and have this all working great. I also have SAT>IP viewer working just great on my phone. 


I want to use my Formuler Z8 as a client on the lounge TV as the only place in the house I have a satellite cables to is the PC running Media Server in my “office” (man cave). 


I couldn’t get MyTV Online 2 to accept the /rtspchannels.m3u playlist, but it works fine with the /channels.m3u playlist.


What I’m missing is the EPG and channel logos. I tried /api/epg.html with and without ?xmltv=1 but the guide doesn’t show and there’s no program info. 


I’m also wondering if it’s possible to get the VOD option in MyTV Online 2 to show recordings made by the Media Server?


Anyone input would be much appreciated. 


Many thanks, Rob. 

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37 minutes ago, Rob100 said:

it works fine with the /channels.m3u playlist. What I’m missing is the EPG


URLs in the channels.m3u look like this




Use search & replace for changing them to




e.g. replace .ts by .ts?pids=18. This will let the DMS include the original DVB EPG data stream. Dunno if your MyTV client is able to do something useful with it... try. If you're receiving Freesat you will only get the now/next entries.


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