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Recent glitch in playing back recordings in Kodi


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My media server lives on a PC in my study, and does all the recording. That all works fine (and has done for a long time).


I watch both LiveTV and recorded TV on my Vero 4k+ box (OSMC) using the PVR plugin. Again, all running happily.


In the past few weeks, playback behaviour of my recordings has changed. It's no longer continuing playback on a partially watched recording.


When I select a partially played recording, it knows it is partially complete and offers me the choice of play from beginning or from (say) 45 minutes. But if I select the from 45mins, it will always start playback from the beginning. Previously, it started playing from that 45min mark.


I recognise it could be changes in OSMC/Kodi, or the DVB PVR addon, but thought I would ask if there is anything I should check in media server.

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