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Channels update on server


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I have installed DVBViewer Media Server on my HTPC computer. I have another 'main' pc to work where I use DVBViewer software but sometime I use also web interface to watch channels. The problem is that I love to use my channel list from Enigma2 DVB Tuner. I wrote a script to convert list from Enimga2 format to dvb ini file. It's simple to import it to DVBViewer but to update list on server I need to stop it, replace c:\ProgramData\CMUV\DVBViewer\channels.dat  and start server again. 

Can you provide ( or maybe exist ) a tool to convert channels from *.ini format to channels.dat ? 
Is there any web api to reload new channel list from disk ? 



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17 minutes ago, marianob85 said:

Is there any web api to reload new channel list from disk ? 


No. The current Media Server can't reload its channel list while it is running, because channels are partly referenced by channel number in the web interface and UPnP. The channel number may change in a new channel list.


However, the next Media Server release will only reference channels by their (position-independent) ID, automatically detect a change of  the file channels.dat on disk and reload it, if necessary. So all you need to do is to save a changed channel list in DVBViewer.


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