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TemplatePower Error


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Sometimes is the error "TemplatePower Error: Can't find the block definition of "withrights"" in the svcdebug.log:


12.07.20 11:00:01.619 TWinApp              Working Directory C:\Users\JiriM\Documents\Visual Studio 2008\Projects\MyPDC_2017\x64\Release\
12.07.20 11:00:01.621 TProcessTimer        StartRecord      VPS_PDC started
12.07.20 11:00:02.633 TProcessTimer        NeedsEnding      VPS_PDC finished
12.07.20 11:00:29.173 TTemplatePower       TemplatePower Error: Can't find the block definition of "withrights"
12.07.20 11:30:00.452 TRecording ($01E80B70)    W:\For The Record\Ty naše písničky; ; ; ; vysíláno 2020-07-12.ts Discontinuities: 0  -  Total size: 1,93 GB  -  Device: PCTV 291e/461e BDA 28179 TVTuner (9)


Should I worry about that?


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Am 14.7.2020 um 20:08 schrieb jirim100:

Should I worry about that?


No. It just means that the DMS tries to modify something in a HTML template (from the SVCweb folder) that doesn't exist. Such a block definition looks like this

<!-- START BLOCK : withrights --> 
<!-- END BLOCK : withrights -->

In your case it may be due to a changed HTML file where the expected block is missing. If it would really matter, you would experience visual or functional disorder in the web interface.


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Aha, Ok. This is probably because I am using epg_searchresults.html from old recording service 😊.

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