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Requiring more tuners than should be needed


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I have run into a situation that I think should not happen.

I have two cards. A "TT" with A CI card and a "WinTV" dual tuner.


I am trying to record 3 different channels. "TV 2" is on its own encrypted mux while DR1 and DR2 are on the same open mux. As far as I can tell I should only need 2 tuners active to record this even if there is overlap between programs.

I can only get it to record the "TV 2" programs if I disable the program "Debatten".


Shouldn't it be possible to record it all?








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vor 15 Minuten schrieb kamakamadaun:

Shouldn't it be possible to record it all?


Yes, and it is possible :) An inhomogeneous setup comprising tuners with different capabilities requires a bit more care.


You need to change the tuner order in the DMS Options -> Hardware -> Device List by using drag and drop. The two Hauppauge tuners should be the first and second one (from the top), so they get the highest priority when it comes to hardware allocation, the TT tuner the last one.


In this way you can avoid that the TT tuner gets allocated for recording a free channel, so it isn't available anymore for encrypted channels.


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