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Suddenly get a popup no DVBViewer card available on E4 UK


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A few week ago the channel E4 UK stopped working.

Upon switching to this channel a popup apears with the message: for this channel is no dvb card available.

Starting in debu or safe mode get me the same popup without any text.


I rare cases the channel is working after the popup disapears, but most of the times the channel does not work.

dvbvieweris simply not switching to the channel and stays on the current one.

This is only with:  E4 UK Astra 2E 10936.00V 56 U.K. DVB-S QPSK 22000 5/6 ASTRA, 33.8 Mb/s 22056



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Made the transponder data readable
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vor 24 Minuten schrieb Kopke:

E4 UK Astra 2E 10936.00V


E4 on this frequency is encrypted. You can't receive it unless your Digital Devices card is equipped with an appropriate CI/CAM and "Has CI" ticked on Options -> Hardware. That's most likely the reason for the "No DVB card available" message. Since you did not reproduce the issue in DVBViewer debug mode before creating the support.zip (as recommended here) I can't tell you exactly what has happend.


A free E4 version can be found on 10714 H. However, E4+1 (also free) is on 10936 V.


That's what the TransEdit scanner tells me now. Dunno if it changes from time to time...


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Using Transedit Update and a scan did not solve the problem.

I downloaded a new transponder list from fastsatfinder and a scan found 4 new and 389 updated channels.

But there is no E4 in my channel list.

Only the encrypted HD version and a strange one on 10936. (E4+1 is working normal)

On my Xsarius receiver in another room E4 is still working ok.

Attached is the support file after starting in debug mode.




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Just use the channel list for Astra 28° East that is installed with DVBViewer TV/Radio ->  Reception Settings/Channel Search -> Select "DVB-S 28.2° E" as reception type (or, if not available, "DVB-S" and a transponder list for Astra 28° East) -> Adjust DiSEqC if necessary -> Click "Load Channel List". That's how it looks like:




The first E4 entry is from 10714 H. It works here without problems. The second is the encrypted one from 10936 V (it wasn't encrypted when the channel list was created, that's why it is not flagged as encrypted). It doesn't work. E4+1 from 10936 V is unencryped and works.


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