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when installing ver. I get ver


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Long time no see.. which means everything runs flawlessly ... !!!!


Normally I just install new versions, but this time it is  a little different :)

I run the new download, (all dvbv and Mediaservers are shut down of course..) 

It is installed as usual, but if I check the version number it say

I have tried to delete the old version in the DVBViewer folder, before installing, but.. it ends up being again after new install.

The DVBVservice.exe file is modified 5.sep.2020, and created 27.sep 2020 on my PC which is today and a few min ago, so it must be the correct version, with wrong Version number, or ??

If I right click the .exe file it say !! = the old version. 


Is it me? or is it just a wrong version number ?


I also could add: everything works fine, so ... it is really not a problem.. :)


have a nice day!!


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As Griga wrote in a different german thread today: In the main dvbservice.exe is still the one from so it shows the same version number. The difference are other files around it. So everything is OK on your side, the installation on my wife's computer also shows (my computer runs a beta with a different version).


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Thanx for your reply :)


As I said I have no problems actually.. But can add, that despite i do speak pretty good German, it is too time consumptioning to read both forums, so what's written in the German section, I don't read - generally... it happens, but not so often.

And there are new versions today I can see :)

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