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DVBSource does not recognize video type.

merkin stare

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4 hours ago, merkin stare said:

The DVBsource properties shows that the video is not properly recognized.


The DVBViewer Filter does not recognize the HEVC Range Extension Profile. Please check your PMs.


Another obstacle is the HEVC decoder. Lentoid and Cyberlink can't cope here with this profile, yielding a black screen. The LAV Video Decoder can handle it (even without detection in the DVBViewer Filter), but not in "DXVA2 native" mode, because hardware decoders in graphics cards usually don't support this profile. So the decoder needs to switch to software mode, which is not possible anymore after "DXVA2 native" has already been initialized. It would require information in advance (when the filters connect) that the DVBViewer Filter is not able to deliver yet.


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Thanks for the feedback Griga.


Just want to add a couple more bits of information.


1.  LAV decoder was configured for "software only" mode when I tried to view these programs, so "DXVA2 native" should not have been initialized.


2.  LAV decoder would properly handle the profile ONLY when viewing the recording.  During live viewing, I could only hear audio, the video would remain blank.


3.  This is temporary transmission, so I do not know when I will have a chance to test the fix you sent in via PM.



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Here live simulation works (including video) with DVBViewer Pro (latest release), DVBViewer Filter (the one you got), LAV Filters 0.74.1, LAV Video Decoder set to "Hardware Decoder to use: None" on its property page (a change requires Playback -> Rebuild Playback to take effect).


Live simulation is done in the following way:

  1. Open the DVBViewer Channel Editor, select a category where the channel shall be stored
  2. Click New -> TS Stream on the right side
  3. Enter the path to the TS file as address (e.g. D:\Samples\sample.ts), click Add
  4. Double-click the new channel entry for starting playback. If the file contains a mux, the channel data auto-detection picks the first service that it can find (here CH4 from your upload).
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