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iOS Sat > Ip app can be used?

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This is no software by us and I do not have any experience with this application. If you installed the DVBViewer Media Server you should use safari and connect to the media server address.

It should look like this:


Bildschirmfoto 2020-11-22 um 20.48.jpg

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First make sure that DVBViewer and the Media Server are installed and configured correctly on your PC, that a channel list is present in DVBViewer and Media Server (more about it here) and that you can watch the channels there. After that you should become acquainted with the Media Server Web Interface. Launch a browser on the server PC (!) and type




as address. This will let the browser show the Desktop Web Interface. With




you can access the Mobile Web Interface for devices with touch display. Both Web Interfaces allow to play TV in the browser. Check out the Media Page in the Desktop Web Interface or Live TV in the Mobile Web Interface. Both methods require FFmpeg to be installed, because the video/audio format has to be transcoded for playback in the browser. If you haven't used the corresponding option in the Media Server Installer, just install the Media Server again and check the FFmpeg checkbox.


Now have a look at the Status page of the Desktop Web Interface. In the lower left it shows the IP address with which the Web Interfaces can be accessed in browsers on other devices in your home network (mostly something like 192.168...). Localhost or only work on the server PC.


Use this address (instead of localhost) to open the Web Interface in the tvOSBrowser for Apple TV, if possible (AFAIK it's not possible to install Safari). If yes, you can try to play TV with it. However, the Sat>IP app may yield better results. As far as I can see on your screenshot, it allows to select a rtspchannels.m3u provided by the Media Server. Doesn't it work?


I also see an option to add a M3U channel list. You can try to download it from the Media Server Web Interface (see Links page in the Desktop Web Interface or Info & Help page in the Mobile Web Interface, use a list with the original streams). The best way would be to do it with a browser on Apple TV. However, you can also do it on the server PC, but then you must open the M3U file with a text editor and use search & replace for replacing localhost or by the 192.168.... address. After that you need to find a way to transfer the list to your Apple TV and import it there.


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