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DVB install issue – detecting HD-Homerun DVB-C tuners


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I did attempt to upgrade DVBViewer/Media server to

This did not work, so I selected to un-install, then re-install both.

This did not work either, so I stopped the Media Server and reinstalled the DVBViewer to run in stand-alone mode.

This did not work either.


Tuner: HDHomeRun EXPAND, Model: HDHR3-4DC, Device ID: 14100D62, Firmware: 20200907 (latest)


Reproducing using a fresh install.

1.      Uninstall DVBViewer (except remove licence)

2.      Stop media server

3.      Install DVBViewer using default settings (except Lang=English)

a.      during installation the following devices are detected
Installation completes

4.      And the Main DVBViewer window opens AND The Channel List Editor dialog pops up, ready to scan


Channel List Editor - Preselected values

·         Available Reception Types: DVB-T

·         Transponder Lists: DVB-T Europe

Reception settings Name = DVB-T Europe


Q: the transponder list looks wrong, should probably be DVB-C, which will allow me to select the “DVB-C DK You-See transponder listT which I have used for many years.


The ”Scan -->


This looks different from what I normally see for DVB-C

then ”Scan Range” fails




Close Channel List editor.

Go back to the main window

DVBViewer -> Settings -> Hardware




The tuner type looks wrong, but cannot be changed?

Pressing scan does not change anything


Q: is there any know problems detecting HD-Homerun DVB-C tuners?


upport ZIP attached (generated after a restart of DVBViewer in debug mode as requested)


Q: What should I do next?

Note that the above is running DVBViewer in stand-alone mode, but I really want to run using the MediaServer again.

Q: Is there anything I should do when I re-install/start the MediaServer, will the DVB-T tuners type be detected correct? Note I will not do this before the DVBViewer is running again.



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1 hour ago, Langhuse said:

The tuner type looks wrong, but cannot be changed?


Did previous releases detect DVB-C tuners, or was it always necessary to adjust it manually?


From the DVBViewer change log:


On 12/13/2020 at 4:28 PM, hackbart said:

Change: Hardware Options: The tuner type of BDA devices cannot be changed anymore in the options, in order to prevent misconfiguration (see here). If really necessary, the type must be tweaked by editing the TunerType entry in the file hardware.xml while DVBViewer is closed (0 = Cable, 1 = Satellite, 2 = Terrestrial, 3 = ATSC).


The same applies to the Media Server Options and the file /config/svchardware.xml.


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Thanks for the quick answer, it works now ?

Have to admit that I did scan the release note, but did not see a “possible breaking change”. I am sure that it was not foreseen that this could be breaking, but it was for me.


Here are the updates I made.

DVBViewer fix

Win10 path: %ProgramData%\CMUV\DVBViewer

DVBViewer File: hardware.xml

Media Server fix

Win10 path: %ProgramData%\CMUV\DVBViewer\config

DVBViewer File: svchardware.xml



    <entry name="TunerType">0</entry>

Set value while DVBViewer is closed (0 = Cable, 1 = Satellite, 2 = Terrestrial, 3 = ATSC).  

Repeat for all tuners in this file (I have 4)


One comment after having been through this process.


Problem doing a full uninstall

My installation is almost 10 years old, so I decided to make a clean install after the upgrade went wrong. I did expect/hope that a clean install would correctly identify the HD-Homerun tuner.

The full uninstall also went wrong and I never succeeded uninstalling everything.

The problem was that when uninstalling the Media Server, it requested that the DVBViewer be uninstalled first. So, I did uninstall the DVBViewer but then the Media Server could not be uninstalled because an uninstall program was missing? (maybe I swapped the server/viewer in this description).

Also, the question about removing the license was confusing, so I did cancel the removal of the license.

Just to let you know.


As you can see I did have a very un-lucky day, but everything was perfect in the end ?

Once again, thanks for your help ?

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2 hours ago, Langhuse said:



    <entry name="TunerType">0</entry>


I've looked it up in the HDHomeRun Development Guide: The tuner type information exposed by the driver is ambiguous. It indicates DVB-T and DVB-C. DVBViewer picks the first type that it can find, and that's DVB-T. So obviously a tuner type selection in the UI is required in this case. It will be re-enabled for HDHomeRun devices in the next release.


2 hours ago, Langhuse said:

The problem was that when uninstalling the Media Server, it requested that the DVBViewer be uninstalled first


The Media Server should be uninstalled first, because it is an add-on. This works in up-to-date installations. I've tried it recently. As you will understand, I cannnot check how it works (or doesn't work) with installations that are 10 years old. I've started looking after DVBViewer Pro and the Recording Service / Media Server 7 years ago, so this is outside my reference.


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The tuner type information exposed by the driver is ambiguous. It indicates DVB-T and DVB-C.

HDHomeRun has several different product, a pity they do not correctly expose the tuner type. A clean re-install would therefore not have saved me.


Thanks - no more comments from her.

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