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Transedit scanning frequency on 19.2E instead of 23.5E

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When trying to update/add channels on frequencies (e.g. 11856 MHz) on 23.5E with Transedit, the results I am getting are not the ones for 23.5E but for 19.2E.


Scanning frequencies on 19.2E and 28.2E works fine, there's only a problem with 23.5E .


I have 3 LNBs connected to a Spaun multiswitch:

  • 19.2E : DiSEqC Position 1 (A/A)
  • 28.2E : DiSEqC Position 2 (B/A)
  • 23.5E: DiSEqC Position 4 (B/B)


On my previous PC, scanning on 23.5E was working fine, with no settings changed (I copied the configuration files (same DVBViewer/Media Server version) to the new computer).


The channels that were scanned on 23.5E on the previous PC, are still working fine => I guess that the LNB is not faulty.


My TV cards are a Digital Devices Duoflex S2 v4 card + an Octopus CI card with the latest driver (version 64bit) on a Windows 10 64bit PC.


I'm running Media Server 3.0.0 with DVBViewer 7.0.0.


I'm attaching the support.zip file and a transponder zip file containing the ini files for the three satellites.


I already removed and added again the devices in the hardware settings of Transedit, but this did not solve the issue. I also checked the DiSEqC settings for the 23.5E satellite in Transedit and they are correctly set to Pos B/Opt B.


Grateful for any hints in the right direction ?


support.zip Transponders.zip

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It may be a DiSEqC timing issue. When TransEdit starts scanning / analyzing, the DVB card gets initialized and switches the LNB voltage on, in contrast to DVBViewer, where channel switching (except for the first time) encounters an already powered outdoor equipment.


If the DiSEqC signal is sent before the outdoor eqipment is fully powered up, the switch will miss it. One thing that you can try is to let TransEdit send the DiSEqC command several times:

  • Close TransEdit.
  • Open the file TransEdit.ini (see configuration folder) with a text editor.
  • Search for the section [Hardware].
  • Change the DiSEqCCount.x entries (where x is the device number) of the relevant tuner(s) from 1 to 2 or even more.
  • Save the changes, launch TransEdit and try...

Another option is to use DiSEqC = Extended and to create a DiSEqC sequence that contains delays. Please read more about it here.

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Hi Griga,


You're a star! 


As instructed, I changed the DiSEqCCount.x entries from 1 to 2 and Transedit now correctly scans the frequencies for 23.5E ?


So I guess the 23.5E LNB powers up slightly slower than the other 2 LNBs? Intriguing, that this is an issue with the new PC, but wasn't with the old PC.


Anyway, thank you very much for your help, stay safe and all the best for 2021 !!!

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3 hours ago, Antoon said:

 Intriguing, that this is an issue with the new PC, but wasn't with the old PC.


AFAIK Digital Devices provides a driver setting in the registry that specifies a power up delay (= time between LNB power on and further actions). Search the




branch of your registry for LNBControl. The default value is 500 ms. Maybe it changed somehow? Increasing the value (+ PC reboot) could be another method to fix the issue.


3 hours ago, Antoon said:

stay safe and all the best for 2021 !!!


Same for you! :)


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