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Incorrect binding of DVB EPG to the channel and creation of a timer task.


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1)Run DVBViewer and runs on the view channel 1 (e.g. Amedia Hit) ;

2)open the window EPG per Channel;

3)select the EPG in channel 2 (e.g. Супер);

4)open channel Editor;

5)select Channel 2 (or Video or Cable All);

6)disable All EPG Types and "Apply" - the program is lost;

7)include DVB EPG and "Apply" - the program appears;

8)the program for Channel 2 (Супер) is displayed correctly but in the "Details" next to the program name is "Channel 1" (Amedia Hit)!!!;

9)select any gear and create a job entry in the scheduler window in column "Channel" is Channel 1 and recorded the same Channel 1 (Amedia Hit);

10)selectable in any channel EPG;

11)select again Channel 2 is now in the "Details" next to the program name is "Channel 2"(Супер)

TBS6205, driver tbs6205-dvbc-windows-driver_v1.0.0.4TBS









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The wrong channel assignment is caused by the channel list object on the TV Guide tab in the EPG window. It is updated by changes in the Channel Editor, even if the TV Guide is not visible. This triggers a channel calculation suitable for the TV Guide, but not for "EPG per channel". It also happens on other changes in the Channel Editor, e.g. moving a channel to another position.


It will be fixed in the upcoming 7.0.1 bugfix release, by letting the TV Guide channel calculation only happen if the tab is visible. Thanks for your report and researches!


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