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DVB install issue – detecting Hauppauge WinTV ATSC Tuner


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After the upgrade to Media Server 3.0.0 and DVBViewer 7.0, and the recent hot fixes, the Hauppauge WinTV ATSC tuner isn't recognized by a hardware scan.  Saw the following in the thread on Homerun tuner.  Made these changes (TunerType = 3) and everything works as well as before.  


DVBViewer fix

Win10 path: %ProgramData%\CMUV\DVBViewer

DVBViewer File: hardware.xml


Media Server fix

Win10 path: %ProgramData%\CMUV\DVBViewer\config

DVBViewer File: svchardware.xml





    <entry name="TunerType">0</entry>

Set value while DVBViewer is closed (0 = Cable, 1 = Satellite, 2 = Terrestrial, 3 = ATSC).  

Repeat for all tuners in this file (I have 4)

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Please attach your zipped svchardware.xml here (see config subdirectory of the configuration folder), so we can see the hardware ID of your device. It may enable us to take measures that avoid this issue in future.


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Thanks. The hardware database that is included in DVBViewer Pro and the Media Server will in future enable to flag devices (like yours) with "needs tuner type selection", thus allowing to select the tuner type in Options -> Hardware.


It will be available in the next DVBViewer/DMS Fix uploads and in the next release anyway. However, after an update of an already existing installation, it will require to perform Options -> Hardware -> Scan Devices again in order to take effect.


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