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HbbTV app doesn't show picture

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On a DVB-T music tv channel, in all smart TVs I have I get a small QR code picture for 10 seconds and then it dissapears. 

But DVBViewer hbbtv app detects it, but it doesn't show picture by pressing F5, like all other hbbtv apps.

URL is : http://www.retixtelecom.com/hbbtv/molatv/index.html






Here you have PIDdata.





Do you know why ?



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I can reproduce it, but unfortunately the cause it out of reach for me.


HbbTV is based on third party components (a Chromium DLL and an add-on that enables the browser component to handle HbbTV). For unknown reasons they don't signal that the DVBViewer OSD has to display the image. I can't change this behaviour. I can only influence what is going on in DVBViewer.


The HbbTV page starts with being completely invisible (that's where DVBViewer gets a message prompting it to display the page). One second later JavaScript code makes the image visible, and 10 seconds later the code hides it again. But DVBViewer never comes to know... that's what debugging has revealed.


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hello I bought the hbbtv plugin because this function returns to the French DVBT channels indeed arte.tv offers but DVBViewer remains empty while this is good for C8 channel or NRJ12 maybe a plugin update would be necessary i am also disappointed that the hbbtv plugin does not work in the mediaserver why? that would be a suggestion for improvement as well Thanks for your help

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