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EPG / EIT data always written regardless of settings


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Hello, I've noticed that since upgrading to DVBViewer 7 EPG (EIT) data is always written to a .txt file, even though I don't want this to happen.


I use and external scheduler that writes a .txt file with extensive programme information at the same time when DVBViewer is called to add the programme to the Timer Recordings. I want to keep that file.


I've tried to uncheck all options in Settings (GUI) that are related to recording EPG information. As that didn't work, I went into \ProgramData\CMUV\DVBViewer\setup.xml and changed the EITEPG setting to

<entry name="EITEPG">0</entry>

Despite all this, the .txt file created earlier by the external scheduler keeps being overwritten when the recording ends. How can I stop that from happening?


(If the externally created .txt file does not exist, DVBViewer does not create one when the recording finishes.)

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Options -> Recordings -> Create EPG information file.


Switching it off is not recommended, except if you don't care about using the DVBViewer recording database. The txt files are a kind of database backup. If the database file gets corrupted and you want to reconstruct it or if you want to integrate your DVBViewer recordings in the Media Server database, you need the txt files. Without them (and without database) the recordings are no recordings for DVBViewer anymore, but only some video files with unknown origin.


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Hi Griga, thanks for replying so quickly.


I had already switched off Options -> Recordings -> Create EPG information file, but the behaviour I described still happens. What can I do to stop it?



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vor 19 Minuten schrieb davidvankemenade2:

I had already switched off Options -> Recordings -> Create EPG information file, but the behaviour I described still happens.


Most likely one of the DVBViewer databases (either the recording database or the media database) is already corrupted, so DVBViewer can't write to it anymore when a recording starts or is finished. In this case DVBViewer creates an EPG Info file as last resort for preserving the metadata for the file.


The database files are located in the Database subdirectory of the configuration folder. Close DVBViewer, move the file MediaDatabase.db3 to some other location and try if this fixes the issue. If not, do the same with the file TVDatabase.db3.


Missing database files are automatically recreated by DVBViewer when it is started. However, they are initially empty, thus requiring a database update to fill them again. In case of the recording database it only works for recordings with a txt file.


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