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Choppy image...


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Hi! I'm using DVBViewer since 2009, and i think it is the best dvb software available!

But I'm having some issues with the image. In my old htpc, the video quality was awasome, and the image movement was smooth and clear. 

But recently  I upgrade the HTPC with a new motherboard, ram a microprocessor, and the problems are:
- The dvb pci card stopped working (but this problem is for another forum), so I bought a hauppauge solo win usb stick
- The DVBViewer image is choppy. It is not smooth. It is like if some frames drop.


What I tried:

- I tried re-installing DVBViewer a few times, but I got same results.

- I installed the software from the hauppauge usb stick, and configured it with the same codecs as DVBViewer (lav video, and Ac3 filter) and it works fine. The image movement is smooth and clear, but sometimes, the image has some issues, and some frames drop (and I dont like hauppauge software). Some times I has to chage the channel twice to get a smooth image movement.
- I installed progdvb software (another dvb software), for free and, again, configured it with the same codecs as DVBViewer. Surprise! Everything goes fine. As good as DVBVierwer used to be. 

- The last thing I tried was play a homemade video (m2ts) using DVBViewer. With my old htpc, the image was as smooth and clear as dvb broadcast, but after htpc upgrade, the image is again choopy (the m2ts file is properly played using "films & tv" software from windows 10).

So, I think is not a pc performance issue due to a new hardware, but I don't know what to do.


Any idea?


And sorry about my english, it is not my mother tongue.


Thanks in advance!

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vor 15 Stunden schrieb Deathman_77:

No discontinuities. It says "0".


That means, reception is ok, no DVB device driver issue, the problem is caused by a playback component, probably the video renderer  that is not "in tune" with the graphics card/chip. Which one is it? Does it help to switch from the EVR Custom Video Renderer to the EVR Enhanced Video Renderer (see Options -> Playback Components)?


Without support.zip this may become a long story... ;)


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