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All channels in a channel group do not open video stream

m l

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Before and after update to DVBViewer pro and channel scan I have a problem in one channel  group (658). Scan found all channels as before. Channels are in groups and inside that group were  the channels as I expected to be.  But when I try to open any free video stream of those channels, the screen is black and also no audio. Only the logo of the channel is visible. At that time on that channel is a tv-program going on. EGP information  is also missing but that is normal in some other channels in other channel groups. DVBViewer Media Server recording service is not on.

All other 4 groups worked properly. Might in that group exist some kind limitations against pc tv-cards? Most of those channels are free and popular.

Details: Technisat pci tv-card, DVB-T Europe/Video/group 658

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The DVBViewer.log from your support.zip shows no errors. It doesn't look like a problem in DVBViewer.


Unfortunately your screenshots don't show the DVBViewer Filter property page, because you did not follow the instructions (select the Settings -> Filters -> DVB Source menu item).


For screenshots you don't need a camera. Alt + PrtScn copies a picture of the active (foreground) window to the Windows clipboard, so you can paste it in MS Paint (or other programs like IrfanView), save it as .png or .jpg image and upload it to the forum.


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Thank you for your answer.

I had problems finding right pages in my language version of The path seems not to be same as in English version. Your adviced the path: Settings – Filters – DVB Source menu. My version shows  Settings (Asetukset) see picture  1 settings valikko. After settings I have not choice Filters, see picture. I think there is 2 possible choices Shader or Valinnat. If I open Shader (English translation shadow I guess) see picture 2 Shader valikko you see that this is not the right path to filters. Then the choice Valinnat, see picture 3 valinnat valikko. The only place you find DVB filter is under Direct X, see picture 4 dvb filter alavalikko. In my earlier mail I sent 2 pictures from  the same menu. This picture is the 3rd which was missing.  Have you any idea to find right page from my language version?

Also as enclosure a new picture, see picture 5 virheilmoitus nelonen from a missing channel with error message: source filter could not be loaded. I send that picture in my next mail becuse of limited file size in one mail.

1 settings valikkop.jpg

2 Shader valikkop.jpg

3 valinnat valikkop.jpg

4 dvb filter alavalikkop.jpg

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vor 21 Stunden schrieb m l:

The path seems not to be same as in English version.


I can't read the text on your screenshots. Obviously our communication doesn't work. It would be much easier if you would switch DVBViewer to English (see Settings -> Options -> General (first page from the top) -> Language.


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And why you didn't find the menu entry: What Griga wrote "Settings -> Filters -> DVB Source menu item" is not meant from main menu but from popup menu after right mouse click inside the video window.


To get back space for attachments here you can click on your user name top right of this forum, select "My Attachments" and delete the screenshots above as they don't help anyway.


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I changed language to english as you adviced. The menu structure in english seems to be same. Settings submenu doesn't have such choice as Filter.


I eclose 1811151901_OptionsSubmenugeneral.jpg.ad18af51c5fa2a5676b05651d6b4ef0a.jpgscreenshots from Settings submenu and Options submenu General.

Settings submenu.jpg

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As I wrote above: NOT from main menu. Point your mouse in the middle of the video window and do a right mouse click - Voila!


EDIT: I was wrong, it also should be present in main menu. A current support.zip is needed for Griga to investigate the issue.

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vor 12 Minuten schrieb HaraldL:

NOT from main menu. Point your mouse in the middle of the video window and do a right mouse click


Settings -> Filters appears in the main menu and the context menu, so it shouldn't make a difference where you look it up.


A missing Filters menu means that DVBViewer did not build the chain of playback components, e.g. in playback off state. However, I cannot figure out how this can happen after selecting a channel. Here even a pure data channel without video and audio creates at least one entry in the Filters menu.


Unfortunately the support.zip that you had attached above is not available anymore. Are you using the HbbTV Add-On for DVBViewer?


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As far I understand I don't have HbbTV Add-On, see enclosure.


As enclosure also a new Error message when I started DVBViewer. After accepting with Ok program started normally.

Third enclosure is new support.zip


Error message when start.jpg


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There seems to be some confusion caused by a very old DVBViewer Demo version that is still installed (?). It looks like the full version 7.0.2 has been installed in the directory of this demo version (F:\Program Files\DVBViewer Demo\). This should not happen.


Why is your Program Files Folder on drive F:, not on C:?



  • Make a backup of your configuration folder (C:\ProgramData\CMUV\DVBViewerDemo).
  • Uninstall the old Demo version and the DVBViewer full version completely, including all settings, except your user data (password, key file). Also delete the F:\Program Files\DVBViewer Demo\\Program Files\DVBViewer Demo directory, if something is left.
  • Re-install the current DVBViewer full version 7.0.2 to it's standard directoy C:\(Program Files\DVBViewer (or F:, if you have a special reason for it, but be aware of the fact that this is non-standard).
  • After everything is done, you can copy your channel list and favourites list (channels.dat, favourites.xml, ChannelsURL.ini if present) from the configuration folder backup to the new configuration folder, so you don't have to scan and sort the channels again.


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My pc has long history with DVBViewer. Oldest DVBViewer.exe file is from 2005. I have had several versions and I haven't deleted the old ones because change to new version has not caused problems earlier.


The way you adviced to renew DVBViewer do not work directly with my pc. My pc has 6 main directories in C:\ and F:\ including DVBViewer in their names: DVBViewer shared (1 file), DVBViewer TE (2014), DVBViewer TE (2009), DVBViewer TE2 (subdirectory of Technisat DVB), DVBViewer and DVBViewer Pro. Through Control panel/Programs I found 3 DVBViewer: TE, TE2 and Pro.


I guess that I have to delete all using uninstall and delete, but a question: how I can confirm that I don't accidentally delete also tv-card Technisat-PC TV Stars receiver software and software updates? One TE2 was as subdirectory of Technisat TV card.


I can install DVBViewer to C:\. I have learned, because of several windows OS versions (starting from windows 3.11) to install to C:\ very few programs and as much as possible to hard disk F:\ named Programs to save time when changing OS.


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  • 7 months later...

The situation has changed since my last post. I deleted in control panel all DVBViewer versions and installed only latest version of DVBViewer Pro. I get most of missing channels work when I changed manually the wrong frequency of that channel in channel group. For some reason the program didn't find the right frequency. One channel still doesn't work after frequency change. That one is not important to me.


Perhaps because of the clean installation of DVBViewer Pro I haven't found a way how to record also subtitles. I have tried several altenatives to get finnish subtitles in settings. In old files the subtitles seems to be inside file type:TS Video File (vlc) and I can see them also now.. Now recordings have the same file type and also an extra textfile with same name, size 1 kt. In playback mode there is no subtiles automatically and if I choose to add textfile, which is the 1 kt file, result is no subtitles.  When I watch that channel direct, not recorded, I see the subtitles.


What should I do?


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  • 7 months later...

Only picture in picture mode works on my DVBViewer. Main page gets stuck on the first picture unless I turn on picture in picture mode before I watch the TV.

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Try to select Settings -> Options -> Playback Components -> Video -> Video Renderer -> EVR Enhanced Video Renderer -> Apply. By default Picture in Picture uses the same video renderer, as you can see on the Options -> Picture in Picture page.


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