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Possibility to share some settings (transponder folder)


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Would it be possible to be able to use configurable transponder folder ?

The reason is that people like me who use transedit in 2 computers (1 desktop & 1 Laptop) , have to be copying transponder folder between computers when we make changes or when we add some new data.

Then, if transponder folder could be configured, we could locate it inside some Onedrive/Dropbox/..... folder and it would be updated eerywhere.


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I would use a script/batch that

  • copies all transponder lists from the shared to the local directory
  • launches TransEdit and waits for the program to finish.
  • copies the transponder lists back to the shared directory after TransEdit is closed.


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Yes, it's one possibility.


I had also thought about linking 2 directories, mklink in CMD window  between c:\ProgramData\CMUV\DVBViewer\Transponders  and f.i. d:\Onedrive\Tredit-TP

... and same link on the other computer...

I think it could work,


Firstly I was thinking in installing DVBViewer (and T.E) into one Onedrive directory, but as configs always  go to c:\ProgramData\CMUV\DVBViewer\ , it won't do anything good.



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