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HbbTv plugin ON, num and arrow keys OFF

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I have just bought and activated hbbtv plugin for DVBViewer Pro. (v7.0.0.2). Once HbbTv plugin is activated (Options-TV/Radio-Teletext/HbbTv-HbbTV auto start for all channels), app is restarted, then the keyboard arrow and numblock keys stop responding. Once I turnoff the plugin, keys are responding again.

Can anyone help me, please?

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From the DVBViewer Release Notes (see DVBViewer -> Help Menu -> Change Log/Release Notes):


Am 13.12.2020 um 16:28 schrieb hackbart:
  • Added: Teletext/HbbTV Options: The new HbbTV section contains HbbTV auto-start options. (...) The options specify for which channels DVBViewer shall start HbbTV automatically after channel selection. Without auto-start HbbTV has to be activated by pressing OSD Red (F5). (...)

Please note that HbbTV auto-start may cause a temporary insert in the TV picture after channel selection, depending on the broadcaster. Activated HbbTV (even if not visible) captures some keyboard / remote keys, so that they don’t have their normal OSD function anymore. Pressing OSD Menu or Esc switches HbbTV off and lets DVBViewer return to the normal key assignment.


So you don't need to activate auto start for all channels. You may as well switch it off, use OSD Red (keyboard F5) for entering HbbTV mode manually and OSD Menu (keyboard Esc) for leaving it.

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Hi sir Griga

I bought the hbbtv plugin for the French DVBT channels indeed arte.tv and Salto.tv just arrived 

but DVBViewer remains empty.

Got black screen

Can you help thanks in advance

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After  downloading your support.zip I have deleted the attachment, because the DVBViewer.log contained a line with a user name and password.


In your DVBViewer.log I can see no indication of HbbTV whatsoever. That's strange... I will have a closer look at it later.


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Am 29.4.2021 um 16:00 schrieb mezzy:

hope you could help and why the hbbtv plugin doesn't work with Media server?


The HbbTV add-on is designed for DVBViewer. It cannot work with the DVBViewer Media Server. This is not intended and technically impossible.


Am 29.4.2021 um 15:48 schrieb Griga:

In your DVBViewer.log I can see no indication of HbbTV whatsoever.


It looks like there is no HbbTV, or DVBViewer is not able to detect the type of HbbTV that is broadcasted. Since I cannot receive French DVB-T, I would need a "whole transponder" recording from you for more investigation, uploaded to WeTransfer or some other hoster. If you want to do this, I will give you further instruction.


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