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Crash on start up

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Has support for Windows XP been dropped with versions 7 and above? These versions crash on start up for me. Only version works, although the beta version worked, it was missing a whole lot of features. None of the final versions of 7 and above work for me. Thank you.

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vor 2 Stunden schrieb DonT123:

Has support for Windows XP been dropped with versions 7 and above?


No. It would have been mentioned in the change log. In which way does it crash?


Here DVBViewer 7.1 runs quite happily under Windows XP. But third party components may cause trouble.


After installation you need to delete the OpenSSL libraries libcrypto-1_1.dll and libssl-1_1.dll from the DVBViewer program directory, because they are not compatible with Windows XP and cause an error message on start. Receiving HTTPS internet streams requires the old libraries ssleay32.dll and libeay32.dll. Please let me know if you need them.


Also up-to-date LAV Filters versions don't work with Windows XP anymore. The last version that worked is 0.70.2.


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Hallo Griga,


kann es sein, daß die von Dir genannten OpenSSL libraries eine DLL-Datei benötigen, die es so unter XP nicht gibt. Ich bekomme nämlich eine entprechende Meldung, wenn ich die 7 mit meinem XP laufen lassen wollte. Ich habe daher einen Fallback zur letzten 6er Version gemacht und weiß daher nicht mehr den genauen Namen der DLL (er war glaube ich kurz 4 Buchstaben ?).



Viele Grüße




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Hello Griga,


thanks for the link!


"ntdll.dll" was the dll mentioned in the error mesage.



Many greetings




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