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Transedit blind scan discover 1182 on win7, only 370 on win10 for same multicast udp range.

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Hello Geeks!


Transedit blind scan discover 1182 channels on win7,
discover only 370 channels on win10 for same multicast udp range 2048


Swisscom ip multicast network,,,,,,,

port 10000


yyyy typ  gen starter  OS ver plat

2006 iMac 5.1 bootcamp win7 32 bit

2017 iMac 18.2 bootcamp win10 64 bit

A clean install transedit on windows 10 did not offer better result !

I don't know what the missing part and why is slower on windows 10 with faster cpu compared to win7 lower cpu and very old i still better speed and result blind scan.


For now, i must still on my windows 7 32bit until is die but worry lost it before stable release for win10 if not obtain a least same or better result.


Hope the 2 supports files will help anyone who can find where the bug or/and config issues or/and codecs missing ?

Thank you a lot for any constructive help.

redge_support-w10.zip redge-w7-support.zip

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Windows 7 32 Bit and Windows 10 on the same PC?


If not, which (particularly network related) differences besides the OS version may cause the issue? Network adapter or its driver? Network connection? That's what I would look after. To me it seems like some network component gets into trouble with multicast.


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Not the same pc, you pointed right the good issue. is the wired connection issue but is not hardware.

It use same internet gateway AVM Fritzbox6890 without any intermediate, direct connection, same subnet. (there no hub, no powerline or anything else can trouble connection)


win7 and win10 over wired ethernet 1gb ran slower with transedit, strange, i don't see any trouble with others apps.

I remember, i ran on trouble over wired on both computers only with transedit but i don't remember wish release did starting issue over wired connection.

speedtest are ok on wired connection straightforward and complain only over wlan that right.


win7 over wlan OK it run as awaited same result now

win10 over wlan OK  it run as awaited same result now


I will try with older version of transedit if i can find the root cause of bad scanning only over lan and come back post the new result.


Thank you anyway for pointed network trouble. Work around for my case, use wlan instead wired.

(i hope i can find solution for use back the wired much better connection.


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win10 over wifi is better result via blind scan 981 but less than my win7 discover 1182 channels over wlan!


missing discover 201 channels on win10.

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